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EL CID Testing

Digital El-CID testing represents the latest and most superior technology in stator core imperfection detection. With fully digital processing, digital EL CID produces results that have an improved clarity, especially noticeable when the results have been acquired in a noisy environment. El CID is also used as part of our rigorous quality program. It can be used to test the quality of a repair or a re-wedging, prove quality on a new machine or provide evidence of satisfactory repair.

Benefits of EL CID testing include:

  • Rapid and safe set-up
  • Low power supply requirements (1-3 kVA)
  • Significant reduction in safety hazards
  • Instant analysis of stator core condition
  • Ability to re-test during maintenance cycle
  • Can be done with coils in place
  • Detects deep-seated faults, (even under windings)

Digital EL-CID Testing
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