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Large Industrial Motor & Generator Repair

The Schulz Group, located in Augusta, Maine, specializes in state-of-the-art large industrial motor and generator repairs for the hydroelectric industry. With the hands-on experience of engineers, technicians and highly skilled craftsmen, the Schulz Group conducts systems integration, hydroelectric services, safety-related services and maintenance programs, and advanced diagnostics for some of the largest manufacturing and power generation companies in the country. As a Timken-Brand industry leader, the Schulz Group is prepared to perform large industrial motor and generator repairs onsite when moving equipment is unfeasible or cost prohibitive, or in our fully equipped machine shop. On-site services include laser alignments, dynamic balancing, vibration analysis and trending, infrared thermography, cryogenic cleaning, harmonic analysis, and VFD and electrical repairs.

The Schulz Group also has extensive experience helping companies implement comprehensive predictive maintenance programs to optimize system performance and to carry out regular inspections. The Schulz Group can carry out the program with their certified technicians or train onsite staff to implement a regular course of inspections in order to prevent any interruptions in service, and to make all industrial motor repairs in a non-emergency context. Over the long term, predictive maintenance has proven to help minimize downtime, reduce annual maintenance expenses, and extend the life of hydroelectric equipment.

Predictive maintenance programs are tailored to the specific needs of each facility and can include complete generator inspection and testing, installation of thermal, vibration, and proximity sensors, complete mechanical and powerhouse inspections, and full switchgear services, including insulation and contact resistance.

In-shop services include full voltage and dynamometer testing, metal stitching, dynamic balancing, full service engineering and integration, full CAD design capabilities. Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) is a Schulz Group specialty, and is backed by a 2-year warranty.

The Schulz Group is a large industrial motor repair company that is dedicated to their customers, with reliable 24/7/365 services for large generator repair and industrial motor repair. Our industry leading expertise and a ‘run to the problem’ mentality sets us apart from our competitors and keeps our client’s systems running to their utmost potential.

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