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Maintenance Programs

Do you know the true cost of unplanned downtime?

How long can you go without your most critical units? Maine Industrial will design and implement preventive maintenance programs for your facility. Each maintenance program is customized to fit specific needs and offers 24-hour emergency service. The end result is lower overall costs, increased uptime and a dedicated service provider supporting you every step of the way.

From small to large industrial motor and generator repairs, to gearboxes and switchgear, Maine Industrial offers a full suite of repair, upgrade, service and maintenance solutions. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is part of our ongoing commitment to customers and plays a vital role in providing solutions designed to return equipment to like new condition.

Our Custom Designed Maintenance Programs Include:

  • Complete inspection & testing of the generator including: megger, PI, drop, partial discharge, hi-pot & EL-CID testing.
  • Check brushes, brush holders, air gaps, commutators and wedge inspections.
  • Installation of thermal sensors, vibration sensors, proximity sensors and positioning transducers on all critical components for local or remote monitoring.
  • Complete mechanical inspections including cavitation on runners, wicket gate tolerances, guide bearing & water bearing inspections, check head cover and linkage eccentrics, check hydraulic pressures and oil levels, check shaft run-out and alignment.
  • Complete inspection of powerhouse, trash rakes, head gate and penstock.
  • Full switchgear services including insulation resistance and contact resistance testing, dielectric absorption, oil analysis, transformer turn ratio testing and power factor testing.

Call your MIRS/TPS representative at 207.623.7500 to discuss a customized maintenance program for your facility.

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