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Mechanical and Electrical Services for the Hydroelectric Industry

As a member of Timken Power Systems, Maine Industrial provides top notch gear repair, upgrade, service and maintenance solutions. We are aware of the costs associated with the interruption of critical services, and in addition to most reliable and comprehensive set of mechanical and electrical services for the hydroelectric industry, including 24/7/365 on call service, Maine Industrial will also assist a facility in the development and implementation of a preventive maintenance program. A maintenance program may include our staff technicians, or a team of onsite staff trained by Maine Industrial.

Custom designed maintenance programs include:

  • Complete inspection & testing of the generator including: megger, PI, drop, partial discharge, hi-pot & EL-CID testing.
  • Check brushes, brush holders, air gaps, commutators and wedge inspections.
  • Installation of thermal sensors, vibration sensors, proximity sensors and positioning transducers on all critical components for local or remote monitoring.
  • Complete mechanical inspections including cavitation on runners, wicket gate tolerances, guide bearing & water bearing inspections, check head cover and linkage eccentrics, check hydraulic pressures and oil levels, check shaft run-out and alignment. Complete inspection of powerhouse, trash rakes, head gate and penstock.
  • Full switchgear services including insulation resistance and contact resistance testing, dielectric absorption, oil analysis, transformer turn ratio testing and power factor testing.

Once these services are in place and the repairs are complete, a preventive maintenance program employs a set of diagnostic tools for early detection of machine problems. For example, infrared thermography detects undue heat buildup in a system early, far before it affects the system. Vibration analysis detects whether broken, worn or misaligned parts are causing undue vibration, compromising performance. The routine application of these and other tools will ensure that mission critical equipment stays running strong. Once components are placed back into a system after repairs, dynamic balancing and laser alignment technology ensures vibration free performance, extending the life cycle of power equipment and reducing maintenance costs. When coupled with a preventive maintenance program, you can secure reliable service and maximum efficiency.

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