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Full Service Motor & Generator
Repair Facility

Maine Industrial provides comprehensive hydro repair services that include field work and diagnostics, electrical power testing, metal stitching, and top notch expertise in all facets of power generation. Hard working equipment needs professional servicing to keep running at an optimum level. To prevent unwanted interruptions, Maine Industrial can work with you to set up a repair schedule for ongoing inspection and predictive maintenance that ensures your facility is running to its peak potential.

Hydro repair services can include a replacement of worn or broken parts with standard components, professional upgrade services where applicable, and full restoration of custom components when required. With access to a worldwide supply chain and a shop with modern CNC capabilities, Maine Industrial is a full service motor and generator repair facility that can handle any size of job, from emergency schedules and conditions to ongoing services that ensure a zero failure rate.

We are ready to carry out advanced field work and diagnostics for cases where the removal of large or hard to access power units is unfeasible or cost prohibitive. Vibration analysis and infrared thermography allows for advanced predictive maintenance, and can detect problems before they make the unit inoperable. Onsite inspections can be incorporated into a regularly scheduled program for regular upgrades and fine tuning.

Electrical power testing evaluates the efficiency of power units and can be a part of a root cause analysis to determine which components are faulty or inefficient. As a full service motor and generator repair facility, Maine Industrial can address any flaws in the system, from stator or rotor rewinding, babbit bearing recasting, and commutator repairs.

Metal stitching is a cost effective way to repair cracked steel and cast iron equipment in situ. Rivets placed closely together ‘stitches’ cracks back together with a cost effective, fast, and strong technique without welding or other high temperature systems. Metal stitching can bring old or unused equipment back to full operation and allow facilities to renew and rediscover existing power and machine resources within their existing inventory.

In an emergency, and over the long haul, Maine Industrial is there for hydro repair services you can rely on.

Full service motor and generator repair facility
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