Maine Industrial

Motor & Generator Services

  • AC & DC, Random & Form Wound
  • Rewind
  • Recondition
  • Shaft Rebuilding & Remanufacturing
  • Commutator Repairs
  • Rotor Rebuilding
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Computerized Balancing to 12,000 lbs.
  • EL CID Testing

Motor and Generator Services
Babbitt Bearing Repairs and Electrical Power Testing

Babbitt Bearing Repairs

  • Babbitt bearing repairs and repours with excellent bonding

Electrical Power Testing

  • Switchgear Testing & Maintenance, Low/Medium Voltage Through 15kV
  • Low Voltage Air Circuit Breaker Testing, Reconditioning/Repair Through 600V
  • Retrofitting Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers with Modern Solid State Retrofit Kit
  • Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker
  • Inspecting & Overhaul, Protective Relay & Meter Testing & Calibration

Machine Shop Services

In-house machining allows for more rapid turn around times. Our machine shops ensure that rigid specifications are maintained throughout the entire machining process.

  • LOCK-N-STITCH Repairs to Cracked, Broken Cast Iron
  • TIG, MIG, Arc and Gas Welding and Brazing
  • Flame Spray Metalizing
  • Vertical Milling Machines with Digital Readout
  • Lathes to 72”, 22’ Bed
  • Machine Repair
  • Fabrication
  • Finishing
  • Parts Manufacturing

Machine Shop Services
CO2 Cleaning (Cryogenic Cleaning)

CO2 Cleaning (Cryogenic Cleaning)

  • Dry Ice Cleaning is a unique, technologically advanced cleaning method that is easy to use, harmless to the environment, and exceedingly cost effective. The CO2 Cleaning System uses rice-like dry ice pellets, called DRICE, blasted at subsonic or supersonic speeds to remove surface contaminants.
  • Applications and Industries: Chemical and Petroleum, Electrical Power and Rotating Equipment, Food Processing, Printing, Mass Transit, Marine, Tire and Rubber, Pulp and Paper

Onsite Technical Services (OTS)

  • Onsite Motor Maintenance
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Laser Alignment
  • Vibration Analysis/Trending
  • Tribology
  • Babbitt Bearing Repairs/Replacement
  • Maintenance Testing, Removal and Reinstallation

Predictive Maintenance & Diagnostic Services

Predictive maintenance can help avoid catastrophic failures and reduce downtime by identifying machines near failure or by monitoring a machine’s performance over time. Services include vibration trending and analysis, infrared thermography, on-line motor testing, VFD repair, laser alignment and dynamic balancing.

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