Critical Electric Motor and Generator Storage

Electric motor and generator spares are a costly investment – they are an investment in space and in prevention of production downtime. If properly stored, these spares can be as reliable as the original equipment. Benefits of having us store your critical spares include:

  • Ensures the reliability of all spare motors and equipment by having them properly maintained while stored
  • Alleviates space and handling requirements at the plant site
  • Allows for an immediate backup plan when a main motor fails, or needs repair

Electric Motor Storage Services:

  • Safe, secure, environmentally protected, and “critter” free warehouse space
  • Temperature controlled storage facility to protect components from moisture damage
  • Timely rotation of shaft to reduce false brinelling or bearing wear
  • Periodic insulation resistance or MCE tests performed to monitor for degradation of the insulation system

Monthly maintenance includes visual inspection, electrical resistance testing and shaft rotation. Other options such as PdMa testing, oil baths, bearing/winding heaters, and periodic test runs are also available.

Motor Storage
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