Top Notch Inspection, Overhaul and Upgrade Solutions
for Mission Critical Gear Drives

Schulz Electric is part of an international network of companies who work together to provide a level of service unmatched for its scope and capability. The inspection, overhaul and upgrade solutions for mission critical gear drives requires a ‘run to the problem’ mentality, where highly trained professionals have a commitment to the uninterrupted operation of industrial engines and power generation equipment. The best gearbox repair and upgrade solutions require a company with the expertise to handle emergencies and to develop a comprehensive strategy to avoid emergencies in the future. Known as predictive maintenance, Schulz Electric can carry out all immediate repairs and establish an inspection schedule moving forward to address all equipment issues before systems are compromised. Inspections can be performed by Schulz’s certified technicians, or onsite training for company staff allows the predictive maintenance program to be fully integrated into company operations.

Gearbox repair and upgrade solutions rely on a systematic repair process known as a root cause analysis. A series of diagnostic tests are carried out to evaluate areas where heat is building up in the assembly, and to detect undue vibration caused by the misalignment of rotating components. After the gearbox is completely disassembled, each part is inspected for signs of wear and tear. Schulz Electric has an extensive inventory of parts and associated documentation that allows them to make expert recommendations on component upgrades. This expertise guarantees the optimization of all components. Once the gearbox is repaired, an expert installation tests the result for alignment and balance to ensure long lasting performance.

If you are responsible for the maintenance and performance of mission critical equipment, discuss your needs with Schulz Electric for the most reliable gearbox repair and upgrade solutions. Whether it’s an emergency, or you are looking for more comprehensive inspection, overhaul and upgrade solutions for mission critical gear drives, Schulz Electric is ready to help you.

Gearbox Repair Services
Schulz Electric, a Timken brand, is one of the largest motor service organizations in the United States.
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