Large Industrial Motor and
Generator Repair

Schulz Group USA is a premier large industrial motor repair company located in East Haven, CT. As part of Timken Power Systems, Schulz Group USA participates with a network of repair companies that have partnered together to pool their collective resources and to provide their customers with the widest available range of industrial motor repair and large generator repair services. For large industrial motor and generator repairs, Schulz Group USA has a state-of-the-art machine shop with the full range of diagnostic, testing, and repair equipment. Large industrial motor and generator repairs can be performed in house, or highly skilled technicians with a ‘run to the problem’ mentality are prepared to offer OTS, or onsite technical services, with 24/7/365 expertise for mission critical operations.

In many cases, a full repair or rewind is more cost effective than a full replacement. All professional industrial motor repair services begin with a thorough inspection. Technicians will test the equipment to determine whether a repair will be less expensive than a full replacement, and all of Schulz Group USA’s work is backed by a warranty that often exceeds the terms of the OEM. In-house overhauls up to 9000 HP can be carried out in our East Haven facility. Within the broader Timken Power Systems network, Schulz Group USA can handle rewinds up to 50,000 HP.

Testing Services include full voltage testing up to 13,000V for AC, and up to 1200V for DC, dynamometers, fractional up to 1500 HP, core loss testing with infrared images, and EL CID testing. Testing and maintenance is also available for switchgears, and Schulz Group USA also employs data acquisition systems such as the ADRE system by GE Bently-Nevada. Hi-pot, surge, and power factor testing is available for all size motors and generators, and a full-speed, unloaded test is performed for every overhauled gearbox. Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Systems (VPI) protect engine parts from corrosion, and dynamic balancing and laser alignment services enable precise reinstallation of the repaired unit.

Replacement coils and winding for industrial motor repair require expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, and all coils are inspected for fit, finish, electrical soundness, and dielectric integrity. To ensure insulation values, coils are hi-pot tested and surge tested at 100% of the determined original test voltage.

Look to a large industrial motor repair company that is allied with the leading network of large generator repair and industrial motor repair companies in the nation. Schulz Group USA and Timken Power Systems provide a comprehensive solution for your large industrial motor and generator repair needs.

Gearbox Repair Services
Schulz Electric, a Timken brand, is one of the largest motor service organizations in the United States.
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