Electric Motor Storage

Safe. Secure. Maintained.

Industrial motor spares are a heavy investment for most companies; an investment in space and in prevention of production downtime. When properly stored, these spares can be as reliable as the original motor and save you time and money.

Benefits of Critical Equipment Storage:

  • Ensures the reliability of all spares by having them properly maintained while being stored (resistance testing, motor heaters, shaft rotation, etc)
  • Alleviates space and handling requirements at your plant site
  • Allows for an immediate back-up plan when a main motor fails, or needs repair

Schulz Electric's Storage Program Details:

  • A monitored storage facility to ensure the shaft and bearing components do not rust from wide temperature swings
  • Timely rotation of the motor shaft to reduce false brinelling on bearings
  • Performing periodic insulation resistance (or MCE tests) to monitor for degradation of the insulation system and assure reliability when motor is returned to service
  • A storage facility that adheres to all FME procedures
  • Preventative maintenance activities that are in accordance with Schulz procedures and meet or exceed the requirements of EPRI 1009698 or as required by the individual plant requirements. This includes periodic electrical testing, shaft rotation, heater checks and temperature monitoring (when applicable).
  • Quarterly customer storage reports
MOV Motor Testing
MOV Motor Testing
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