EQ Harsh Environment Insulation Systems for Electric Motors

Schulz Electric has been providing the international nuclear industry with environmentally qualified electric motor insulation systems since 1999. Schulz Electric offers five EQ insulation systems to cover electric motor application requirements from low voltage up to 6.9kV, and all systems meet NUREG-0588 CAT-I Requirements (IEEE 323-1974).

  • Separate material qualification for non-insulation system materials
  • All 5 insulation systems were fully qualified by test and meet NUREG-0588 Cat-I requirements (IEEE 323-1974)
  • All 5 insulation systems were designed and qualified to meet/exceed U.S. BWR (boiling water reactor) and PWR (pressurized water reactor) design basis events
  • Internal capability to perform material analysis to provide traceability to the originally qualified materials


EQ Insulation Systems:

Inside Containment Qualification Curves
Schulz Electric offers environmentally qualified form and random-wound insulation systems for rewinding harsh environment EQ motors, or for incorporation with new motors.
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