Form Wound

Schulz Electric offers two environmentally qualified form-wound electric motor insulation systems. Schulz Electric’s first form-wound system is rated for 4.2kV applications while the newest form-wound system is rated for 6.9 kV.

Schulz Electric’s two form-wound systems meet NUREG-0588 CAT-I requirements (IEEE 323-1974). End-Use Applications: RHR, Core Spray, Component Cooling, Auxiliary Feed, Fan Cooler Unit, Containment Cooling Fan Motor, High Pressure Coolant Injection, Low Pressure Coolant Injection, High Pressure Safety Injection, Low Pressure Safety Injection, Emergency Service Water.


EQ Insulation Systems:

Contaminated Motor Repair Including RCP Motor Overhaul and Rewind
Schulz Electric offers environmentally qualified form and random-wound insulation systems for rewinding harsh environment EQ motors, or for incorporation with new motors.
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