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Contaminated Motor Repair Including Overhaul and Rewind

Large Industrial Motor and Generator Repairs

The Schulz Group is a premier large industrial motor repair company with a unique set of capabilities to offer our customers. As part of Timken Power Systems, The Schulz Group is able to combine our considerable resources for industrial motor repair with an association of other companies, pool collective resources, and provide the most comprehensive set of services for large generator repair and industrial motor repair. Our nuclear capabilities add a significant repair infrastructure to TImken Power Systems, and give those working in the nuclear industry some of the most advanced and reliable large industrial motor and generator repairs currently available.

The nuclear industry requires a detailed set of standards and protocols for handling this equipment, and the NRC requires certified onsite staff to supervise the process to ensure full compliance. Decon services, or decontamination services, requires a step-by-step procedure and few repair companies are certified or prepared to handle this challenge. The Schulz Group can address all decon requirements, make all of the repairs as needed, and bring the unit to release-free status prior to delivery. NRC-certified technicians can also carry out repairs onsite to facilitate and expedite the inspection, root cause analysis, and large generator repair process when shipping the unit is unfeasible or cost prohibitive.

A root cause analysis is performed for every unit. Equipment is fully tested both before and after repairs to evaluate the current condition of the system. A complete disassembly is required for all generators and motors, and all components are checked for wear and tear and for opportunities to upgrade. Environmentally qualified form and random wound insulation, contaminated motor repair with RCP motor overhaul and rewind, safety-related repairs, motor testing capabilities, and high quality, cost effective solutions for MOV dilemmas are all available from our motor repair facility and in-house decontamination facility.

Whatever the scope of your needs for large industrial motor and generator repairs, The Schulz Group is the best choice for your large industrial motor repair company.

Contaminated Motor Repair Including Overhaul and Rewind