Machine Shop

In-house machining allows for expedited turnaround times. Together with our strict quality program, our machine shops ensure that rigid specifications are maintained throughout the entire machining process.

Custom Repairs

  • Shaft repair and replacement
  • Custom manufacturing of obsolete parts
  • Rotor and stator repair


More Rewind / Repair

Contaminated Motor Repair Including RCP Motor Overhaul and Rewind

Schulz Electric has performed work for every nuclear utility in the United States.

Schulz Nuclear

What Our Clients Are Saying:

"It is truly a pleasure to deal with people who share your goals relating to quality service."

"It is nice to know we have vendors such as you that we can rely on."

Schulz Electric Radiation Workers have undergone training and have all passed written examinations. Routine monitoring for radioactive contamination is performed throughout the entire facility. Along with the Radiation Safety Officer, trained radiation workers receive and survey incoming motors that may potentially be contaminated.


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