Rewind / Repair

  • All repairs and rewinds are delivered back to you in “like new” condition, and backed by our repair warranty. Schulz Electric is equipped to handle repairs, rewinds and overhauls in-house up to 8000 HP/40 ton. ┬áSchulz offers 5 insulation systems to meet your application needs to 6.9 kV.
  • Schulz Electric’s reverse engineer winding design
    • Ensures rewind duplicates original winding design
    • Ensures rewound motor is “Like-For-Like”
    • Ensures motor will still perform intended safety function as before and is functionally equivalent
    • Eliminates engineering design change by utility
  • Schulz Electric’s quality assurance procedures ensure a detailed work process is followed for every motor our technicians service. Typical work process and repair items include:
    • Receipt and external inspection such as nameplate data checks
    • Incoming inspection of included parts and accessories
    • Disassembly and winding removal preparation
    • Endbell-on-stator fit checks
    • Shaft repair
    • Final testing including load or no-load
    • Painting, labeling and final packaging and inspection
  • Rewinds performed in-house by Schulz nuclear trained and qualified personnel


More Rewind / Repair

Schulz Nuclear

Schulz Electric has performed work for every nuclear utility in the United States.
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