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MOV Motor Testing

Motor Services & Testing

MOV Motor Testing

Schulz provides in-depth testing of both AC and DC MOV motors that includes requirements of NRC generic letter GL-89-10, such as:

  • Reduced voltage testing
  • Increased ambient temperature testing
  • Locked rotor testing
  • Speed/torque curves
  • Testing at 70, 80, 90, 100 and 110% of rated voltage
  • Data acquisition systems including ADAMS and ADAMS2
  • Class H winding insulation

Schulz provides fast turnaround times and will repair your MOV motors meeting industry needs and requirements.

MOV Motor Testing
Motor Testing Capabilities, Including MOVs

Motor Testing Capabilities, Including MOVs

  • AC power: 0 to 13.2kV
  • DC power: 0 to 1200V
  • Dynamometers: fractional to 1500 HP, varies per RPM, both vertical and horizontal
  • Surge tester: 0 to 40,000V
  • High potential tester: 0 to 60,000V AC/100,000DC
  • Continuous megger:5000V/3000 gigaohms
  • Low resistance to 1 microhm
  • Data acquisition systems including the ADAMS, ADAMS2 and ADRE system by GE Bently-Nevada
  • Core loss testing with infrared images
  • Specialized testing for MOV motors