The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has amended its regulations to provide an alternative approach for treatment of structures, systems, and components (SSCs) for nuclear power reactors using a risk-informed method of categorizing SSCs according to their safety significance. Risk-Informed Safety Class (RISC)–3 structures, systems and components (SSCs) means safety-related SSCs that perform low safety significant functions.

In order to be readily available to support the industry, Schulz Electric has developed a methodology and drafted procedures/instructions for the processing of RISC-3 equipment.

  • Schulz Electric Developed Alternative Treatment Process for RISC-3 Motors that were previously 10CFR50.49
  • Schulz Electric EQ Reports Can Be Utilized as Plant Accident Function Assessment (AFA)
  • Schulz Electric has Significant Knowledge and Experience in Motor Insulation Systems and Materials
  • Maintains Design Basis of Original EQ Insulation Systems Down to the Raw Material Stage
  • Dedicates Insulation System (and Other Subcomponents) Materials at the Raw Material Stage
  • Maintains Over 25 Years of Materials Test Data
  • Schulz Electric Utilizes this Body of Data, Experience, Knowledge, Facts and Observations as Basis for EQ Alternative Treatments
  • Procure Same Insulation System Materials from Same Suppliers as EQ Insulation System
  • Procure to Same Commercial/Industrial Technical Requirements
  • Utilize Same Schulz Personnel and Process to Procure Materials
  • No Special Testing or Inspections for Legacy SR or EQ Processes
  • Wind/Rewind Motor Utilizing Same Technical and Manufacturing Process
  • Eliminate QA Oversight During Manufacturing Process
  • Multiple Electrical and Mechanical Tests Performed During Motor Winding Process
  • Further Ensures Materials are Suitable for End-use Application
  • Process Also Maintains Thermal Endurance Rating of Class F
  • Schulz Process Consistent with EPRI TR-1009748
  • Will Provide Reasonable Confidence Insulation System Will Perform Intended Design Function During DBE Throughout 40-Year Service Life
  • Provide Significant Cost Reduction Over Same Motor Manufactured/Rewound to 10CFR50.49


Contaminated Motor Repair Including Overhaul and Rewind

Contaminated Motor Repair Including Overhaul and Rewind
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