Providing Economical Repairs and Rewinds Backed by
Our Warranty

Many times, it is more economical to repair or rewind than to replace your large industrial motors and generators. We will inspect and advise you as to what is the most cost effective option. All repairs and rewinds are delivered back to you in better than new condition. Our facilities are equipped to handle repairs, rewinds and overhauls in-house to 40 ton/8000hp.

We provide new industrial motors, controls, systems integration, diagnostics, and repair services to numerous local accounts, several large paper mills, public and private power generation facilities, and dozens of municipal wastewater treatment plants.

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Predictive Maintenance and Diagnostics

Predictive maintenance can help avoid catastrophic failures and reduce downtime by identifying machines near failure or by monitoring a machine’s performance over time. We are able to detect problems quickly and efficiently by assessing priorities for corrective action. Services include vibration trending and analysis, infrared thermography, laser alignment and dynamic balancing.

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Stultz Electric was Purchased by
Major Industry Leader, Timken, in 2014

The Timken Company acquired Stultz Electric, as part of The Schulz Group, better positioning itself for further growth. We are dedicated to expanding our proven reputation as the leader in industrial electric motor controls and generator repair services.

Our Stultz Electric team of engineers and technicians has over 100 years of experience from diagnostic and repair services, equipment maintenance, custom controls and VFDs, to predictive maintenance and analysis. Our goal is to bring our customers the highest levels of reliability in the marketplace every day, 24/7.

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New England's Leading Custom Manufacturer of Custom Control Panels for the Water and Wastewater Industry

Stultz Electric offers a variety of services in VFD panel control including 24 hour emergency service, a U.L. panel shop for multiple units and modifications, in-shop repairs and testing, CAD services, application assistance, start-up services, VFD, PLC, and Control programming, energy and power quality assistance, and much more.

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