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As machinery becomes more sophisticated and the demands for more production have increased, plant managers are increasingly looking for multi-faceted experts that can handle more than just one aspect of their equipment repair needs. Universities have responded to this trend by developing the multidisciplinary branch of engineering called mechatronics, which focuses on both electrical and mechanical systems to meet this demand. And to follow suit, now as a part of Timken Power Systems, Schulz Electric has expanded its offering through access to a network of six leading service providers to deliver comprehensive electromechanical support from a single trusted source.  So, whether it’s gears grinding to a halt, burned-out motors, worn out bearings, or malfunctioning controllers, you get every result you need—all from one name.


From control systems to electric motors and generators to gearboxes and bearings, Timken Power Systems can maximize the efficiency of your powertrain and rotating equipment’s reliability and performance.

Timken Power Systems’ suite of electromechanical repair services includes:

  • Over 125 years of design and manufacturing expertise for new and replacement gearboxes
  • Gearbox, electric motor, generator, and bearing repair and upgrade services
  • OEM and aftermarket gearbox replacement parts and open gearing
  • Electric motor and generator replacement parts
  • Onsite Technical Services for gearboxes, electric motors, generators, and bearings
  • Preventative maintenance and diagnostic services for gearboxes, electric motors, generators, and bearings
  • New electric motor sales and storage services
  • Control system (including variable frequency drives) and custom panel design expertise
  • Switchgear inspection, testing, repair, and maintenance services
  • Industry-leading machining services with centuries of combined experience
  • 24/7 emergency services

Local Service. National Support. Global Expertise.

Timken Power Systems products are part of a distinguished legacy of over five centuries of design, manufacturing, and repair expertise worldwide. Throughout this time, we’ve seen world-changing advances in technology that have transformed the way we communicate and dramatically increased the speed of business. So, we’ve learned that being close to our customers has become even more essential in supporting their businesses, so we can keep our promises and remain a leader in providing the most responsive and cost-effective service in the industry. That’s why Timken Power Systems has established a network of regional service centers that can provide you with national coverage to ensure fast turnaround times for your critical powertrain repair needs.

Click the location icons or logos in the interactive map below for contact information or to learn more about each of our manufacturing and repair facilities.

TPS Network LocationsTPS Network Locations – All Repair is Local

Timken Power Systems

Philadelphia Gear

King of Prussia, PA

Since 1892


Standard Machine

Saskatoon, SK

Since 1967


Smith Services

Princeton, WV

Since 1991


H&N Electric

Pasco, WA

Since 1979


H&N Wind

Pasco, WA

Since 2005


Schulz Group

East Haven, CT

Since 1927


Stultz Electric

Portland, ME

Since 1907



Union, SC

Since 1985


Schulz Electric, a Timken brand, is one of the largest motor service organizations in the United States.
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