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Switchgear Testing & Repair

Switchgear and transformers are essential elements in power supply systems. Maine Industrial provides a range of low and medium voltage services including switchgear maintenance, inspection and testing.

Maintenance programs prevent catastrophic failures and unexpected downtime. Allowing Maine Industrial to design a complete maintenance program for you, including predictive testing and preventive maintenance, we will work together to develop a site-specific maintenance plan that includes condition monitoring at specified intervals.


Designing and installing energy saving systems is a core focus of our custom controls and systems integration team. Many existing systems are poorly documented and hard to troubleshoot and fix. Besides being prone to breakdown, many systems suffer from a lack of replacement part availability and manufacturer support.

Whether replacing individual components, updating wiring and program documentation, or redesigning an entire control system, Maine Industrial will work with you to evaluate your present system’s condition and provide upgrade options that apply. State-of-the-art variable speed drives, coupled with modern process feedback transmitters and programmable controls, can allow existing production equipment to operate with more flexibility, increase production with less waste and lead to more uptime and better quality. In short, better control means better reliability.

Switchgear Testing and Repair
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